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I am a small breeder of RagaMuffin kittens based in Gwent, South Wales.
My home and cattery overlook the beautiful South Wales Valleys.
I bred Ragdolls for over 10 years and it had been a dream of mine to import the Ragamuffin cat ever since I read about them while doing my research on the Ragdoll I am so pleased with the RagaMuffin that I no longer breed the Ragdoll, I think that says it all.

 I have always prided myself in the quality and lovely temperament of my kittens and will do the same with my Muffin babies. They are raised as part of our family, lovingly bred for health, type and especially temperament, I give a lifetime  support and all kittens I have sold will be welcome back if for what ever reason they can no longer stay with their families.

All my kittens will be Registered with the GCCF and be bred in accordance to the breeding policy of The UK RagaMuffin Cat Society here in the UK ( UKRMCS ).


All Breeding RagaMuffins here a Valleycat are DNA tested clear or from lines that have tested clear for the known HCM genes and PKD.


Nicola Hillman
Founding RagaMuffin Breeder in the UK
Also a
Co Founder of the UK RagaMuffin Cat Society
Breeding Authentic RagaMuffins Registered with the Governing Council of the cat Fancy ( GCCF )
You will see the Valleycat Prefix in many pedigrees of GCCF registered cats born in the UK.




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